Five Kisses| One Night

                My sleep was so restless that the dream took on a sense of reality, and it seemed like from the beginning, it was all too real. Or was it really just a dream?

                It was the sunlight that woke me up that morning. It passed through the long unmoving floral printed curtains of the window. It extended its warm golden tendrils to me— caressing my face like a warm hand, urging me to wake up.

                As I leave the ethereal realm of dreams and fantasies, approaching consciousness, the memory of what happened the last night came flooding in, overwhelming me with astonishment. I felt the headache settling at the center of my head as I struggled to remember him— his name first, so I could put a face to that name. But I couldn’t.

                I turned and laid facedown on the pillow, burrowing my face deeper as I realized what I had done. Last night, I did something that I haven’t done in so many years.

                I remember the club was full of dry-ice smoke hovering over the dance floor. The lights played through it, turning the place into a multicolored fairyland. There were green, blue, red, gold, and just every color imaginable. I knew I was drunk, but that didn’t even stop me to close my fingers around the bottle of a beer, bring it to my mouth, and drink like it was the first time I got the chance to quench my thirst for what have been so long a time. My eyes were a blur, like I had opened them under the water. My head was spinning, and I had a suspicion that in no time at all, my friends would see me lying on the floor.

                 So I took the initiative and began elbowing my way through a sea of people. I passed through the dance floor that was clattered with people— girls tossing their hair, and boys swinging their hips— touching their bodies that glistened with sweats. Finally, I saw a vacant cushioned leather couch in a corner, and settled myself there. I hung my head over the back of the couch and closed my eyes, and thinking that I was losing my sanity. But it was just the beers!

                I felt somebody sat beside me, but I didn’t look up until he spoke.

                “Hey,” he said, nudging me on my shoulders. I thought it was just one of my friends.

                I stared at him, furrowing my brows for it was quite dark. When I realized that it was a stranger, I just replied, “Hey,” while closing my eyes and hanging my head back again.

                “You were drunk.”

                “I know,” I snorted at him, and added sarcastically, “That is really a strange thing, eh? Getting drunk inside a club.”

                He laughed. This time, I turned to look at him again, and really stared at him. There was an idle smile playing on his lips. For some reason, I smiled back at him, and shrugged.

                We introduced ourselves to each other which, of course, involved a handshake. I didn’t know why I did that, but I leaned on him, and planted a long, lingering kiss on his lips. We broke apart giggling, like that was just a shared private joke. Which, in a way, it was. I wiped my lips with the back of my hand.

                “You’re so fast,” he grinned.  I understood what he really meant by that. But I feigned innocence, leaned on him again, and said, “I will make it slow, then”.

                For a while, we were leaning against each other forehead to forehead, our breath mingling, the smell of alcohol. I knew we were both waiting who would kiss first, so when he realized that that would not be me, he did the honor.

                The second kiss was longer than the first. We hungrily devoured each other, like wolves to a flesh. I tasted a beer on his lips, and I knew he tasted the same in mine. We tasted the sweetness out of the bitterness. Our teeth clicked as they hit against each other. I let his tongue in, exploring the inside of my mouth. I was breathless, but when I realized that he wasn’t stopping yet, I bit his lower lip.


                “Ops, sorry.”

                He touched his lips and grinned at me, his stares teasing.

                “Don’t even look at me like that.” I smacked him on the shoulder before I leaned my head on it. I closed my eyes and said, “Can I sleep for a while?’

                “Yes.” He raised his arm, and before I could realized what he was doing, my head was already on his lap. I adjusted my body, curling to fit on the couch.

                “Better?” He asked, looking down at me.

                I gave him a thumb. “Better.”

                I stared at him staring down at me.

                “Oh, I thought you want to sleep, huh?” He was teasing.

                “Yes. Wanted. But now I realize there is something better to do.” I winked at him, and I wasn’t sure if he really saw me doing that because I took him by the neck, pulling him down to me. We kissed again.

                “I love you.” I said after we broke apart.

                “Right away?” He laughed, and I joined him.

                “Yes. Things like that could happen, you know. Love at first sight.”

                “Love at first kiss, you mean.”

                “No,” I pouted my lips, “I have just realized I’m in love with you on the third kiss.”

                “Oh, you’re counting.”

                “Yeah, I do count most of the time. I even counted my steps from school to home. There’s 2881.”

                “That is crazy,” he was shaking his head.

                When I said nothing, he continued, “Why did you drink? Celebrating?”

                “Yes. There’s just so much to celebrate tonight. Meeting you is one thing.”

                This time, he leaned down to me and kissed me fully on the lips. I wrapped my right arm around his head, burrowing my fingers in his hair.

                ‘’You’re enjoying it,” he said.

                “That is an understatement. I am loving it.” I laughed real loud. “We should do this again sometimes, when we are both sober.”

                “I like that.” He took his phone out of his pocket. “Give me your number.”

                I gave him.

                I sat up again. He was looking away from me so I practically grabbed his chin and made him turn to me.

                “Let me have a one last…”

                “Kiss?” He supplied.

                “No. But I think I might just do that also. Let me have a one last glimpse of you. I have to remember your face. I have trouble remembering people, you know.”

                When I was done, he said, “So where’s my fifth kiss?”

                “My gosh, you’re counting.”

                “You are infectio…” I didn’t let him finish. I silenced him with my fifth kiss.


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13 thoughts on “Five Kisses| One Night

  1. so tell me what happened next??? Did he call?? Sorry, but I’m just too curious :) I like your stories, some make me smile a lot, like this one! Just wanted you to know! But tell me how did your story end?


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