I took a walk home early this morning after my first period class and found this lonesome and flaming Autumn tree. It stood there feigning strength, but its leaves are starting to lose their brightness, turning to crisp orange and brown. Some have gone off with the wind, taking their final flight, dancing beautifully yet […]


Five Kisses| One Night

                My sleep was so restless that the dream took on a sense of reality, and it seemed like from the beginning, it was all too real. Or was it really just a dream?                 It was the sunlight that woke me up that morning. It passed through the long unmoving floral printed curtains of […]



I was lying in a hammock with a pen and a notebook in hands because I wanted to write you a poetry. But I took my time staring above me, at the green leaves of the molave tree that were rustling in the faint winterish wind. The certain slants of sunlight that were passing through […]

The Kiss of Dying Hopes

I look around my lonesome room to search for just anything that I could write a poetry or prose about. But I always find my thoughts wandering back to you, and how, on that night when there were no stars but just the ripe moon claiming the entire sky, you kissed me. I could still […]